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Spearfishing Croc Couta (Trophy Narrow Barred Spanish Mackerel) Crystal or dirty water?

Croc Couta shooting tutorial by Jason Heyne

Spearfishing Croc Couta (Trophy Narrow Barred Spanish Mackerel)
Crystal or dirty water?

Scomberomorus commerson aka Narrow Barred Spanish Mackerel aka Couta is a prize fish
for just about any Spearo to shoot and a Croc Couta (19kg plus) is a serious trophy fish to shoot
from a boat never mind on a shore entry dive! Join me in this episode as I stalk and hunt a lovely
Croc Couta on a shore entry dive on the North coast of KZN South Africa right at the start of the
Couta season for us which is normally around November most years (fishermen swear it only
starts in December!).

A question that gets asked quite often is “Clean or dirty water for big Couta?” I personally prefer
around about 8m to max 10m viz for shooting bigger fish as you can get a better chance at a
good close shot on the fish which is generally a requirement as they have a solid body and long
shots tend to not penetrate all the way through so the spear barb (shafts flopper) can penetrate
and engage. They are absolute steam trains and can empty reels in seconds with long strong
runs. Take note how I use a gun reel plus a belt reel both filled with about 50m of strong braided
cord to play and subdue the fish.

Also take note that having a good dive buddy to back you up with a second shot is always agreat help plus the dive buddy can also help to keep the ever present Sharks away from treating
you Croc Couta as Take out! On this dive I have a great dive buddy Master Richardt Botes who
backs me up perfectly and places the coup de gras shot with aplomb straight through the Croc
Couta’s brain killing it instantly!

Hope you enjoy the video and tutorial and as always Dive Safe and Straight spears…

Jason Heyne explains exactly how to go about shooting a big one of these croc couta as they are affectionately known around here.

“Hell’s Bells Jason, these stories and videos just keep getting better and better man!

Looking forward to your next tutorial. What your gonna shoot this time” – Xona

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