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Youngest Lady Spearo in the Country /World???

Young Ella Bunge about to swim out and scare some sharks

Youngest Lady Spearo in the Country /World???

Miss Ella Bunge hails from the South coast of KZN South Africa and at 9 years old is already bringing home dinner from the sea!

This last week she got her full bag of four Shad/Tailor/bluefish and fed the whole family says dad Kurt Bunge, which is a step up already from the Karanteen she managed to bag the week before.

Diving family

Ella and her little sister Leah are gonna be a great team!

Her Dad reckons her younger sister Leah will follow soon into the ocean and be another youngest Spearo in the family (pictured next to Ella). Ella has her sights set on bagging a Bronze bream next and her dream feeshie is currently a Garrick/Leervis/Lichia which she hopes to get a shot at this next Garrick season which starts in May this year and her favourite diving spot Ramsgate is the right place to look for Garrick.

Her Spearo hero’s are Dad and Master Don Solomon from Pathos South Africa.
The future is bright for South African spearfishing with young Spearo’s like Ella and her sister joining the ranks!

Ella’s Gear…

Mask: Mares X Free
Snorkel: Mares
Fins: Very soft Majorika SUB Dolfin sponsored by Master Don Solomon from Pathos SA
Gun: Freedivers 900 with two 14mm over length bands and a customised handle to fit her
small hand.

“Yowser! Thank you young Ella for featuring on the Master Watermens as our youngest spearo ever! And thanks to Dad for sending in the pics and story! Maybe soon Ella and The Bear can team up and go for a dive together and make some video? Maybe then Ella can teach the old Bear a few lessons!” – Xona

The Master Watermen website and YouTube Channel love to feature stories like this. If you have a story, video or some pics, please consider sending it in to The Bear for consideration. He is on anytime!

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