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Durban firing Couta and Snoek Bear report 19-03-2021

Snoek pair broadside

Hi peeps and welcome to the Bear dive report brought to you by and Finally the sea has come right in the Durban area and the shoal Couta are thick with the Snoeks filing in the shallows! I had two good shore dives local and bagged some decent Snoek! I only saw one Couta on the backline and he was too clever for me darting all over the show. The guys diving deeper and on the boats have been getting quite a few shoal Couta but nothing Croc size.

Let’s see what came out this week…we have Alex Mudge with a Snoek which is his 1st gamefish shore dive Durban, Ashley Paul and Tony Wilson with Snoek shore dive South, Ashley Paul with a decent Snoek shore dive South, Dominic and Darryl Mc Cormac with decent Snoek shore dive North, Dylan Koekemoer with decent Snoek shore dive North, Gary Blair with a Catface rockcod and a Snoek shore dive Durban, Kevin with a Rock salmon and Bronzie shore dive South, Kobus Delport with a Blue-barred Parrot shore dive Durban, Lincoln and Kayz with decent Snoek shore dive Durban, Master Jeremy Williams with a decent Malabar rockcod boat dive Durban, Master Richardt Botes and Morne Claasens with Couta shore dive Durban and Wesley Osborne with a Couta and a Snoek shore dive South.

So what do the weather god’s have planned for this weekend? We have a moderate to light NE wind predicted for Saturday and it looks like it only gets gusty in the arvo and starts blowing mid morning. Swell is light at 1.6m in the South and 1.3 to 1.4m Durban and North. The NE dies off overnight and switches to a light offshore early bells which swings around to a moderate SW at 7/8 am in the South and 9Am in the North. The swell starts at 1.5m and picks up steam to 1.8m in the afternoon North and South.

So Saturday is Green for Go and Sunday is a maybe depending what time the SW freshens…Early bird gets the MACKIES!


As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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