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Four Snoek quick Stix. Spearfishing Bluff South Africa

Snoek pair broadside

Four Snoek quick Stix. Spearfishing Bluff South Africa

Four Snoek quick Stix. Spearfishing Bluff South Africa: Hi peeps and welcome to another video from Master Watermen. In this episode I am diving off the Bluff, Durban, South Africa with Master Paul Roxburgh in Crystal summer water.

We hummed and aahd on the beach for a while debating where to get in as the surf was closing out on the solid summer sand banks. Eventually we sussed out a decent rip at Brighton beach and had an easy swim out compared to what we thought it was going to be! The number of times I have seen divers talk themselves out of a dive (myself included) are too numerous to count! Lucky we got in because the Natal Snoek (Queen Mackerel) were filing!


Just after we had hit the backline surf Paul was screaming for a second shot and I just could not make it in time and the 1st fish was lost. I turned around and started swimming away and 2 minutes later Paul was screaming for second shot again! After plugging a second shot in his decent Snoek for him I then sussed out that it was the sand clouds on a small section of reef that was pulling the Snoek from the South.

A bigger set of waves came through and a lovely pair pulled in, gave me a broadside and the bigger fish was on! Quick fight and she was on the stringer. A quick re-load and I had just grabbed my flasher swimming slightly deeper and a big shoal pulled in. Thwack…thwack…DOUBLE UP! Spined the second fish with my 130 carbon so strung it quickly and reloaded. As I grabbed my running line to deal with the 1st fish from the shoal another shoal pulled in on my flasher so quick duck dive and thwack…fourth fish on!


Landed the fish, strung it and as I got to the now exhausted 1st shoal fish a Shark pulled in. Just in time I got the fish up from the bottom. The shark harassed us for the next half an hour and the Snoek stayed away so we swam deeper grabbed some bugs and I managed to bag one more Snoek .

Check the footage out…It is EPIC!

Gotta love the KZN coast! And remember sometimes local is better!

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…


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