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My Cleaner Wrasse buddy

Cleaner wrasse giving Jason Heyne the once-over

My Cleaner Wrasse buddy

My Cleaner Wrasse buddy: Hi peeps and welcome to another Master Watermen episode!

When you spend many long hours in the water, waiting for your intended catch to swim by you get to see some amazing sea creatures. My favourites are all the small pretty fish who come to check me out. And this video has three very pretty feeshies, who are not camera shy at all!

Most of us have seen baby Kingfish (Jack’s) species hanging with Jellyfish as cover but they normally tend to hide behind and in the Jellyfish when you get closer for a look. The first fish in the video is one of these juvenile kingfish but he is definitely not camera shy and sends it full throttle for the camera lens when I get closer to his beautiful purple Jellyfish home!

Next up we have a pink see-through miniature Pipefish. That is also not camera shy. I get these little fellahs in summer using me and my floatline as cover as they drift with the warm current while I am looking Queen Mackerel and Narrow-Barred Spanish mackerel (aka couta). When you see the size of him it is no wonder he is looking for cover! Must be scary being that small and drifting out deep all on your own!

Then last but not least we have a Cleaner wrasse (Labroides Dimdiatus), that followed me off the reef on the seafloor, whilst I was catching crayfish, all the way to the surface! Quite unusual…then he proceeded to clean me (on the surface) just like I was one of his fish in line at his cleaning station on the reef! As you will see in the video he was definitely not camera shy at ALL!

Have any of you had a Cleaner wrasse come over and clean you whilst diving? Please let me know in the comments below.

Umzimkulu Marina

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

“Jason, this is fantastico!!!” – Xona

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