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SARDINES everywhere. Bear Report 25-06-2021

Hi peeps and welcome to the Bear’s weekend dive report brought to you by the and

Sea conditions have been good this past week and the Sardines are on the rampage up and down the coast! Unfortunately this makes it a bit hit and miss when diving with them as the gamefish are quite spread out up and down the coastline. I dived with Sardines three times this week and saw NADA! Other divers had more luck and some good backline Snoek and Garrick came out this week with the Sardines. Main centre of activity has been middle to lower South coast Sardine wise but shoals are being spotted as far as Tinley Manor on the North coast. Couta are definitely around as well and a couple of fish came out this week.

We have Brandon with a Stumpie shore dive, Brett with a Snoek and Couta combo shore dive North, Elton with a 16kg Garrick and a 8.4kg Snoek shore dive South, Greg from Cape Town with a brace of Snoek shore dive South, Kyle with a Daga shore dive South, Master Brent Borstlap with a Couta and Seapike combo boat dive Durban, Master Louis Schorie with a 4.2kg Stumpie shore dive Durban, Master Louis Schorie with a Garrick shore dive Durban, Master Richardt Botes with a Garrick shore dive South and Matthew Wilson with a Garrick shore dive North.

Saturday’s weather looks good with light early SW wind which should drop off by midday in Durban. Down South it’s a light offshore wind till mid morning when it swings around to a light SW wind which drops off in the arvo. Swell starts off small at 1.5m and picks up to 1.9m later in the day. Sunday a light offshore blows early bells and swings around to a moderate NE after midmorning. Swell kicks up a notch as well overnight to around the 3m mark and a serious wave period of 14 to 15 seconds.

Saturday is the day this weekend! There’s a slim to no chance to dive Sunday.

Online report available here…

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…


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