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OG (old school) Shark repellent. The black plastic bag and how it works.

OG shark repellent in action AKA black plastic bag

OG (old school) Shark repellent. The black plastic bag and how it works

Hi peeps and welcome to another video from In this video I show how an OG (old school) trick I learned a while back that repels sharks from the catch on your float whilst shore entry diving.

Here in KZN South Africa sharks are and can be a huge hassle whilst shore entry diving along the coastline with many divers having lost their catches while on the stringer and buoy line. There have been some great advances in shark repellents in recent years from weird zebra patterned wetsuits to electronically powered shark pods.

I recently received a Shark Banz model 2.0 from Dave De Wet at Frame Autobody to try out on our local toothy critters. I have tried it twice in the area where this video was shot and am pleased to say the sharks left my catch alone when my fish were left unattended on my buoy with the Shark Banz attached! More testing will be done and I will try to post a video of the Shark Banz in action!

On the previous day to this one I had two fish stolen off my stringer by these same sharks. So I made a plan and remembered to bring a black plastic refuse bag with me. Some of you might have heard of this trick before or even used it! You push your stringer through one of the bottom corners of the plastic bag and string your catch inside the bag so that it hides your catch from the sharks.

Bogus you might say? But it sure works for smaller sharks between 20kg and 80kg and this video is the proof. The only issue is that if you shoot fish longer than the refuse bag their tails stick out and get nibbled! If you watch to the end of the video you will see the bite mark right at the edge of the bag where the tail of the 4kg Rock salmon kept sticking out.

By hiding the profile of the fish you keep the pesky little fish stealers away from you catch. So it is definitely a simple, cheap and easy way of protecting your catch but not completely shark proof!

Video available here…

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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