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Line management to AVOID the dreaded MUZZLE wrap on Euro spearguns.

Line management to AVOID the dreaded MUZZLE wrap on Euro spearguns.

We have all had the dreaded muzzle wrap (when the spear running line becomes entangled in the bands and or muzzle of your speargun) and I am sure there are thousands of stories about lost guns and the big one that got away!

Keeping your running line tight and laid out in the correct manner will help avoid 90 percent of muzzle wraps. Sure muzzle wraps will happen when the fish is less than a spear length away from the end of the speargun but barring that line management is key.

Step one is to line up the line to the same side and always on top of the spear…never running underneath and never crossing over the top of the spear…always one side only! If you have a multi band gun make sure the line is not pinched between the bands and is running outside and underneath of them.

Step two make sure the line is tight after loading by running your hand from back of the gun to the muzzle holding the running line. Step three do the same now running down from muzzle to line release and step four the same again but on the opposite side under the gun.

Step five is to tighten up at the reel and put the extra loop of line from the reel around the line release to lock it in place. If you lock the reel like this the line will not come loose whilst diving and you can set your reel drag to whatever setting you like.

When you are a beginner always remember to have patience and stay calm when reloading. Panic is not a good Mistress for line management! Slow and steady always wins the race when reloading in a hurry…

Here is the link to the YouTube tutorial…

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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