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Snoek MAYHEM Boulder bay Ballito KZN South Africa (Queen Mackerel)

Snoek MAYHEM Boulder bay Ballito KZN South Africa (Queen Mackerel)

Hi peeps and welcome to another video from Master Watermen! This time it’s the Bear diving with Master Juggs Holzman off Boulder bay Ballito KZN north coast South Africa. The Snoek AKA Queen mackerel were filing like mad on the day and we wasted no time getting in on the ACTION!

We were so quick on the action that we managed to get our flashers and floatlines knitted up to the max in the Snoek fever and total mayhem! Keeping calm and collected is key when there are Snoek coming through in large numbers! And wouldn’t you have guessed it they came through again while we were still undoing the mess of floatline and flasher line! We could not resist and both got stuck into the Snoek whilst tangled up! Mayhem is an understatement I tell you and it makes for great viewing! Youtube video link is here

This is what makes Snoek hunting awesome! The camaraderie, amp, stoke and total mayhem is what most of us spearos live for. Snoek coming past right and left leaves you choosing your fish as they file past in large shoals in the shallows. What more could you ask for!

See if you can spot the mistake I made when loading my 130 carbon gun with the two bands and leave a comment on the youtube video. Also please remember to like and subscribe. It helps a lot!

I put this Snoek video up so as to amp the divers for the SPEARO Snoek Garrrick July competition which starts this Saturday 2nd of July 2022. So you still have two days to enter. Entry details are at the beginning of the video so do not delay and pay so you can get your share of the awesome prizes and stand a chance to win in the draw for accommodation in the TKei and Moz! May the best Spearo win! Goodluck peeps!

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear.

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