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Natal Champs and DUC Garrick compo to be held 19-11-2022

Natal Champs and DUC Garrick compo to be held 19-11-2022

Why do we have spearfishing competitions? First and foremost it creates structure in the spearfishing community both local and abroad. Secondly… don’t people want to know who is the “best of the best” and where they stand on the roster?

When it comes to compos like the DUC Garrick comp it is pretty much a luck on the day but having local up to date knowledge on sea conditions can sway the odds in your favour. Whereas Natal Champs compo is a whole different kettle of fish as it is one fish of each species only at weigh in and fish must be over 1kg with 4kg being the max weight. So an ideal stringer of 10 fish would be all Maxi weighers (all 4kg or over). This negates the luck factor big time,

Natal Champs is shore entry only and the DUC Garrick comp is boat or shore entry. Many top KZN spearos maintain that the Natal Champs trophy is the one to be on! Natal Champs has been around since 1955 and there are some legendary names on the trophy…Mark Roxburgh, Len Jones, Shaun Atlas, Gyula Plagaani, George Askew, Brent Borstlap and even me!

The bonus is you get two for the price of one this year…R250 gets you entry into both compos! So why not enter and see where you stand in the pecking order in KZN spearfishing? Captain Chris West always organises great prizes plus you get a t-shirt, Boerie roll and a drink! What’s to lose? I have attached the entry form pdf doccie to this post…let’s get it on! Oh and only 50 T-shirts available so get moving now!

Last Natal Champs was back in 2019 and even with the big swell some decent fish came out (Big swell big fish…Master Craig Harper). Master Brent Borstlap took the Trophy from Rowan Carters dad in his absence as he had passed away…RIP Rowan. Top fish was Master Brents 4kg plus change Purple cod, Master Guy Le Meme shot a croc Couta 27kg plus change and Master Brod Whitaker drummed a lovely Daga salmon over 20kg.

Conditions are lining up nicely for Saturdays compo’s with minimal swell predicted and a light to moderate south westerly blowing. So come be a part of KZN spearfishing history and show everyone how it’s done!!!

I have included some pictures from the 2019 Natal champs…why? Because we all love feeshie pics! See you all at the weigh-in at PWSC boat wash bay Saturday arvo. Even if you are not participating it is always a great get together of local spearos! Details on entry form.

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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