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Natal Spearfishing Champs 2023 dates 1st/2nd July

Natal Spearfishing Champs 2023 dates 1st/2nd July.

Hi peeps yes it’s that time of the year again when we see who is the best of the best at KZN shore dive spearfishing ! Dates have been set for this weekend 1st and 2nd of July 2023 weigh in at PWSC boat wash bay by DUC. R300 entry fee gets you in with an awesome tshirt, boerie roll and a beer! Not to mention some awesome prizes from the guys at Rob Allen spearfishing! This compop has been held since 1955 and trust me it’s a great honour to have your name on the trophy.

Natal champs is shore entry only with only one fish per species allowed to be weighed in with a maximum of 10 fish per stringer (South Africa regulations allow for 10 fish per diver per day). Minimum weight 1kg and a ceiling of 4kg (can shoot over this weight but the extra Kg’s don’t count over the 4kg hence the saying Maxi weigher). You get one point per species and one point per kg. So 50 points would be the perfect stringer on the day. Master Angelo Spada holds the record weigh in at Champs with a stringer of fish around the 40kg mark! Normally the Champs should be a two day event to avoid the luck factor and show who is boss but time constraints will limit it to a one day event. Points from Champs count towards Nationals selection and Natal spearing colours (tie blazer etc). No cartilaginous fish, sea barbell, Angel fish and Surgeon fish allowed!

This week we had some serious rain from Port Edward all the way up past Umhlangha and serious swell as well. The sea has calmed down a bit today and weather is looking good for the weekend but sadly it’s brown town up and down the coast ATM, I spoke with compo organiser Cpt Chris West yesterday and he said he would make a call tomorrow (Friday the 30th June) if it is a go weekend or not for the Champs.

Entries are still open and yes there are still tshirts available! Come on let’s get it on peeps whether it be this weekend or a following weekend it will happen sooner rather than later! I have attached the entry form along with some pics from previous KZN champs compos. Let the best diver win!

As always Dive Safe and Straight spears from the Bear…

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