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Complicated Couda for Louis

Juggz bangs another beautiful couda for us!

Complicated Couda for Louis

Complicated Couda for Louis: the sardines brought the fish right in close recently and some epic shore dives were had.

Not the least of which is this nail-biting fish as described below by Louison the south coast…

“Three fish came in behind me at 12m as I was lining up on a bream, I turned around and the bigger one immediately left. Of the remaining 2 only the smaller one turned broadside, but a long shot. I hit the mark with the 900 RA Timberline roller but the spear didn’t go all the way through, and then to add excitement the belt reel jammed, took me about 15-20 seconds to correct it. Screamed for a second shot but my buddy was far from me as I chased after the fish in the opposite direction, eventually the fish turned and he intercepted the couda. When he dived down to shoot we could see the barb sticking out on the same place the spear went in, thankfully his shot went through the head and switched it off after about 15min of adrenaline pumping heart racing action.

There was sardines in the area but nothing close by, only swam with a good size pocket on the way back to the beach. Hit the sand after the sun was down and the hills were bright orange, my legs immediately turned jelly and I died 3 times carrying my full catch back to the car up the high sand bank.

All in all I’m very grateful to God for the opportunity and blessings He generously gave me.”

Yowser Louis just reading that report was hardcore enough! Fantastic fish and thank you for taking the time to write it all down. So we can publish it here in our online library of spearfishing news and achievements. Right on The Master Watermen website.

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