Darrell Hattingh Original: Orca and Calf




Darrell Hattingh Original: Orca and Calf

The Darrell Hattingh Original wall-hanging: Orca and Calf

Orcas are the real deal. They are so intelligent and vicious at the same time. And oh so beautiful in and out of the water. Almost dainty in flight, these monsters, as big as a car each one, play and hunt together like a well-trained team. Which they in essence, exactly are.

The Orcas are also frequent flyers during the annual sardine run. And this wall-hanging sculpture by Darrell Hattingh, depicts a calf and mother. Enjoying the calm and sanctity of the winter warmth of the kzn south coast. A lot calmer than the s.outhern ocean where these guys like to hang out most of the time

Darrell has observed first-hand, all the marine fauna that he sculpts. Including the fear-inspiring great white shark. On a number of occasions! He has been in the mix every sardine run for as long as memory. Right in the middle of it all. It is from this vaste experience that he draws in order to create the absolutely life-like and accurate sculptures with all attributes perfectly in check. Shape and motion. Colour and pose. It is all right there in miniature format for you to wonder and marvel at all day.

Darrell does not only do these beautiful wall-hangings. His other craft is also available right here on The Master Watermen. And Darrell is often commissioned for originals. Or even repairs and revamps to existing works.


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