The Spiller’s House – on the water accommodation in Port Shepstone


The Spiller’s House – on the water accommodation in Port Shepstone

The Spiller’s House – on the water accommodation in Port Shepstone: open for business 1 August 2021, we have already got two weekends booked!


For accommodation in Port Shepstone, there is nothing more fun than this little palace. The house has two upstairs en-suites. The ‘penthouses’. Literally hanging right over the mighty Umzimkulu River estuary. One is a double. The other is a three sleeper. Making upstairs versatile and yet ideal for families or groups. Downstairs we have a large unit that sports bunk beds and is open plan. We can pack ’em in this room like sardines if we ever have to!

A restaurant downstairs will feed you south delicacies like you never imagined.


Otters will come and say howzit if you are lucky. A huge turtle might swim past. If you are really lucky then a Zambezi Shark will entertain you with a showing. The fish eagles steal the show only ever challenged for air supremacy by the pair of crown eaglesd that live nearer Port Shepstone. Ospreys join in the dogfights. Snake eagles. Hawks. Hornbills. Cuckoos. Kingfishers. Wagtails. And of course, those stupid and noisy geese that are actually ducks. Yes, the Egyptians!

On a boat cruise up the river, you might find hyraxes, bushbuck, duiker, legewaan (monitor lizard), and the odd rock python. The jungle cliffs across from us are impenetrable by humans. It really is wild in that corner underneath the ghost house.


The season for estuary gamefish is winter. When the water is clean and the fish can see our lures. This could be the most exciting fishing on earth as rock salmon and kingfish gladly put them up for an argument. We are strictly tag and release. But one for the pan or pot is always gonna be ok with us.

Fly-fishers are especially welcome to try for the inimitable ox-eye tarpon. That live right here in this river!

We can take you out to sea on one of our many boats. Some small, some large. We choose according to conditions in the launch and out to sea. Size of the crew. Time out there.


The river is navigable for over 14 kilometers inland. This is literally virgin territory to us since our big boat could never fit under the low-level bridge. The big boat is now topless and she fits right under the bridge and over the rapids to St. Helen’s Rock. Watch this video for more.

Ok, so the price per person goes down as your numbers and days go up.

Get in touch with Sean on or WhatsApp +27793269671 anytime.

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