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Killer NE and Rain for Dayz Bear Report 25-12-2021

Master Richardt Botes and Andrew with a lovely mixed bag of gamefish Wahoo Amber Dorado and Tail boat dive South

Killer NE and Rain for Dayz Bear Report 25-12-2021

Hi peeps and welcome to the Bear’s weekend dive report brought to you by and

Well what can I say the sea had just started to come right last couple days from the heavy rain last week and NE wind onnit for 5 days straight then the heavens opened up again yesterday just when the SW wind was putting the Dr on it! Pretty much the same story I heard today from Master Paul Toich in East London and Darren Halse says they had East wind for 7 plus days straight in Port Elizabeth and the water temp dropped to 13 deg C and the fish are scarce to say the least! So much for a diving Xmas so family time this weekend and a Merry Xmas to one and all from the Bear! One two Snoek did come out and there was a flash in the pan of action out deep (Wahoo, Tail and Ambers) on the South coast but that’s all she wrote. Rivers have popped all up and down the coast from the rain deluge yesterday and today (Friday)…meh!

In the fish pic’s this week we have Connie Halowell with a Snoek shore dive South, Craig King with a Couta and Amber boat dive Durban boat dive, Heath MW scholar group with his 1st gamefish 3kg Greenspot kingfish shore dive Kosi bay, Johan Boshoff with a Tail and Daga salmon combo boat dive South, Kobus Delport with a lovely brace of Snoek shore dive South, Martin Stander with a Snoek shore dive far North, Master Richardt Botes and Andrew with a lovely mixed bag of gamefish Wahoo Amber Dorado and a Rainbow runner (8kg!) boat dive South, Noah MW scholar group with his 1st Spadie boat dive Durban and Tim McDonald MW scholar group with a decent Catface boat dive Durban.

Saturday the beastly NE wind starts up again around mid morning and picks up speed during the day and blows into the night. Swell starts 2.2m at 12 seconds from the South and drops to 1.8m 10 seconds from the South by the afternoon. Sunday early bells the NE wind continues to blow from Saturday night and seriously freshens up by lunchtime. Swell runs at 2m 10 seconds from the south early bells and gains strength as the NE freshens and picks up to 2.5m 7 seconds from the East by late afternoon.

So is there a dive Xmas (Saturday) morning…hmmm boaties maybe before the NE swings in by mid morning. Boxing day (Sunday) is a maybe (being very optimistic) for die hard boaties and Desperate Dans early bells!

Online report available here

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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