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AM Dive and Sardine Report 27 June 2024

Master Watermen Sardine Report 27 June 2024

AM Dive and Sardine Report 27 June 2024

AM Dive and Sardine Report 27 June 2024 : well The Bear ate something bad last night and as a direct result, we get this! An actual report! From The Bluff, Cave, where the water is warm and blue.

Over to The Bear on location…

The Bear checks in from Cave Rock this morning the 27 June 2024


There are sardines everywhere today. From Port Edward to Ballito and beyond?! Never even knew they went that far north, but we’ll take it. The sardines are not voluntarily swimming up the beach like they do sometimes. They are swimming a few hundred metres to a few kilometres out.

Ballito 27 June 2024 Sardine Report by The Bear
Ballito 27 June 2024 Sardine Report by The Bear

There are also reportedly even more baitfish, most likely sardines, down deep where we can’t see them. But fish finders can. These deeper pockets of baitfish could also be mackerel and red-eyes. Either way, the ocean is very alive at the moment.


This is the time of year to be a spearo. The fish get full and lazy. Everyone getting their faro share. And more. The DAFF contingent are around but they can never keep up tp the sheer hoards of shad fishermen on every beach. Making a huge mess.

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Bear weekend Dive Report 05-03-2021

Master Richardt Botes with a brace of Snoek boatdive Durban

Bear weekend dive report 05-03-2021

Bear weekend dive report 05-03-2021: Hi peeps and welcome to the Bear weekend dive report brought to you by the and

Well it has not been a great start to the crayfish season with some larger surf around and bad viz up and down the coast. I still managed to scratch two bags up North (read…prawns…hahaha) but it was not easy pickings! I also managed to fluff a Couta (high shot) and lose one (barb did not open)! Oh the bleakness! Fish did come out though so let’s have a look see.

We have Garreth LeRoux with his 1st Threadfin Mirror fish on a boatdive off Durban, Keaton with a bomber snoek on a shoredive up North, Kevin with a Rock salmon on a shoredive up North today, Master Craig Harper and Ruan Potgieter with Wahoo on a boatdive down South (Ruans 1st Wahoo 21kg), Master Richardt Botes with a lovely brace of Snoek on a boatdive off Durban and Teegan Coulonval with a Couta boatdiving off Durban.

Video report

Let us see what the weekend weather god’s have in store for us!

For once we have a SW blowing today(Friday) so some viz and warmer water should come in somewhere along the coast line, either lower South or middle to lower North coast would be my guess. The SW drops off in the night switching to a light offshore tomorrow morning both North and South with a North Easterly in the afternoon being lighter in the North and puffing more in the South.

Sunday the NE dies off completely in the South switching to a light Southerly in the arvo. Durban and North there of the NE blows through the night then picks up in the arvo on Sunday.

The swell will be big in the South getting bigger on Sunday swinging to a proper southerly swell of 2m from 1.7 m on Saturday. Durban and North will have the same swing from the South but Durban smaller at 1.5m and North at 1.8m Saturday morning with Durban building towards Sunday at 1.7m and North getting smaller at 1.6m.


So Saturday looking better than Sunday morning unless you hitting a boatdive then Sunday morning looking great down South!

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear..,.

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