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Early Sardine Report 19 June 2024 by The Bear

Sardine Report by The Master Watermen 19 June 2024 at 7AM

Early Sardine Report 19 June 2024

Early Sardine Report 19 June 2024: we are having a phenomenal early sardine run this year. So much so that The Sardine News website broke! So we will share the posts between the many websites we run, in the future. Especially here at The Master Watermen.

I just got some inside information from netters who were successful yesterday late afternoon with a net real close to Hibberdene. Just a bit north.

Enjoy the video…


This a great time to be a spearfisherman. Clean water. Gamefish. Sardines. It’s like a magical imaginary wonder world down there. Check out this recent gallery of catches.


During the sardine run, fish are much easier to shoot than to catch. Which is why we all went underwater in the first place. But some anglers are getting lucky and garrick are being hooked all up and down the KZN coastline. Aswell as those lekka big old kob. The 20kg models that sit right in the shore break to ambush shad and sardines as they swim by.

You have to be completely ‘doff’ not to be catching your daily quota of shad. Which is FOUR I might remind y’all!

Deep Sea

It’s a tough time being a ski-boater this time of the year. The fish are everywhere. Every beach. Every reef. Fish have migrated to here from all over the show. To get their share of the spoils. But they ain’t biting! They are after the fresh power-packed bite-sized sardines. That are freely available everywhere right now.

Today 19 June 2024

Those outsized shoals sighted yesterday on the lower south coast have got everyone on edge. Up early. Drinking coffee and waiting on The Sardine Report.

These big shoals could surprise us all and disappear completely again. The water in Durban is 22 degrees and that is way too warm.

Yesterday Kevin in Qora was reporting his water right down to 16 degrees. And that water is not the result of any incessant easts. None have been blowing hard enough to chill the water that much. So Kevin deduces that his cold patch down there in the deep Transkei, is yet another cut off section of cold being sandwiched against the shore line and being driven north by pressure.

Kevin’s understanding of the sardines and the ocean is unparalleled. And he has a grandstand seat. His verandah! Kevin runs Wild Coast Cottages. You can get ahold of him via The Sardine News website. Which is kinda broken at the moment but it is still serving the news luckily.

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