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Master Richardt Botes putting a GT to sleep

Master Richardt Botes GT

Hi peeps and welcome to another video from Master Watermen. This time we have special guest Master Richardt Botes putting a decent GT to sleep in style with a custom 1.2m carbon cuttlefish roller.

There’s nothing that beats putting a kill shot in on a size GT and even better when the fish did not even see you coming! It really gets the heart pumping and adrenaline going properly. These fish can and will properly destroy your spear and gear if you let them and a lot of experienced divers will let them swim by if they are at depth.

The best killshot placement is just behind the eye if they are parallel with you. From above you aim for the eye on the other side of the fish and the same for from below. A gun with some decent punch is required so a 1.2m double band rail gun and up or a 1.1m roller and up. I would definitely recommend using a 7.5mm spear and 1.8mm Dyneema running line.

What is amazing to see in the video is the balance of the 1.2m carbon cuttlefish roller and the zero recoil on the shot. Very smooth! Master Richardt reckons it is deadly accurate and has some serious range for those big blue water gamefish.

After the GT they moved spots and found the Wahoo and Master Richardt managed to bag two size fish around the 20kg mark! An epic day out in anyone’s books! Unfortunately the GoPro’s battery was dead…

Keep them coming Master Richardt Botes! Awesome footage to watch …thank you Boertjie!

Video available here…

And as always Dive Safe and Straight Spears…

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