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Flat and clean. Slab kob. Bear Report 06-08-2021

Anthony Dede with a slab Daga salmon 42kg shore dive North

Flat and clean. Slab kob.  Bear Report 06-08-2021

Hi peeps and welcome to the Bear’s weekend dive report brought to you by and

Conditions changed a bit for the worse on the weekend but the last two days it’s been flat and clean on the South coast with some Snoek and Garrick around. North had some decent Snoek\Garrick action and there are some big Daga salmon around in the shallows. Good luck to the lads in the Border open competition tomorrow down in the Transkei at Hole in the Wall! Some guys got in on the great conditions down there at the moment and I have included some pictures.

In the fish pictures this week we have Anthony Dede with a slab Daga salmon 42kg shore dive North, Brett and Master Richardt Botes with Garrick shore dive North, Darryl Mc Cormack with a decent Garrick shore dive North, Diego Pizzimbone with pre Border Open Poensie and Yellowbelly boat dive Hole in the Wall, Francois with a Couta boat dive North , Master Carl Werner with a pre Border open Garrick 9.3kg Hole in the Wall, Master Louis Schorie with a Garrick shore dive Durban and Troy Ellof with a Daga salmon shore dive Durban.

Looks like we have good weather again this weekend! Saturday a light offshore wind blows early bells switching to a light SE wind around lunchtime. Swell starts chunky at 1.9m and drops off to 1.6m by the afternoon. Sunday a light NW offshore blows early bells and switches to a moderate NE after mid morning. Swell starts off negligible at 1.4m and picks up to 1.7m later in the day with the NE wind.

So Saturday the whole day is go day and Sunday the early bird gets the worm!

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As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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