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Bear Pro Tip for mask fog. Burn clean toothpaste

Bear pro tip mask for tooth paste

Bear Pro Tip for mask fog. Burn clean toothpaste

This Bear Pro tip brought to you by LE’Com Safetyjames.

No more mask fog!

We have all had the dreaded fog in our dive masks and it is the pits…literally.

Today’s dive masks are made with silicone skirts which require a release agent (type of oil) during the moulding process. This in turn gets on the lenses of the diving mask and needs to be removed before wearing a new diving mask for the first time. Mask fog! Over the years I have seen various “solutions” for sale or being used with mixed results and have found out the hard way what works or does not work. Please note various sun block lotions\creams and makeup also have oils in them which can cause a previously defogged mask to fog up again the same as a new mask will if not treated with the process below.

In the video I show my tried and tested method of defogging/degreasing using a brand new Rob Allen Snapper mask.

Here are the 10 steps to a happy defogged Dive Mask…

1st you remove any stickers once it is out of the retail packaging.

2nd Now you burn the inside of the lenses using an ordinary lighter eg: Bic, taking care to not touch the lenses with the flame and to move the flame out wards from the centre of the lens towards the skirt keeping the heat away from the skirt. A “fog” will be seen moving towards the edges of the lenses.

3rd Give the whole mask a rubbing with liquid dishwashing detergent while it is still dry.

4th Rinse in warm water in a container.

5th Using a dry new sponge and dishwashing liquid give the lenses and whole mask skirt a rub\cleaning.

6th Rinse the soap off under warm running water.

7th Dry the whole mask with a clean dish towel.

8th Cover the inside of the lenses in toothpaste (avoid spearmint or menthol flavours) using a toothbrush to get in all the corners and leave to dry overnight.

9th Once the mask is dry, rinse off with warm tap water and a toothbrush.

10th one drop of dishwashing liquid on each lens inside and rinse off before use.

Works a charm and has never let me down.

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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