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OG divers get the gamefish. Bear Report 13-08-2021

OG team: Robert Morland and mates Couta and Garrick boat dive Cape Vidal

OG divers get the gamefish. Bear Report 13-08-2021

Hi peeps and welcome to the Bear’s weekend dive report brought to you by and

Well fellow divers the August winds are here officially which normally signals the start of the main winter Cape fish run here in KZN. Daga salmon will be piling up on deep marks and wrecks with their cousins the Geelbek in the mix. Brusher will start moving up the coast from far South towards the Durban Bluff and Toti areas. They will be followed by the Cape Yellowtail and Pignose grunter. Snoek and Garrick are still around but spread thin at the moment along most of the coast with certain hot spots firing and then dying off. So it’s a lucky dip gamefish action wise but they say that the more you dive the luckier you get! Cape Vidal had some action and some Cape lads got into some fish. The Border open was a huge success and I will be reporting on the competition next week so look out for the article. Well done Master Guy LeMeme for taking the honours!

In the fish pictures this week we have Chad with a Snoek and a 7kg Blacktip kingfish shore dive North, Connie Hallowell with a fat Snoek shore dive South, Dieter Petrashcke with a Garrick shore dive, Kurt Bunge with his 1st Yellowbelly boat dive South, Master Darrell Hattingh with a size 32kg Daga salmon shore dive South, Master Juggs Holzman with a decent Tassle shore dive Durban, Matt Oakley with a Snoek and slab Garrick shore dive North, Melvin Pillay with a fat Garrick shore dive Durban, Peter, Henry and Dane with Daga Salmon boat dive Durban, Renier Kruger with a Yellowbelly and Bronze bream shore dive South, Robert Morland and mate Ambers and Couta boat dive Cape Vidal, Robert Morland and mates Couta and Garrick boat dive Cape Vidal, Robert Morland and mates Couta boat dive Cape Vidal and Robert Morland with an Amber boat dive Cape Vidal.

Saturday we have the usual winter offshore wind blowing early switching around to a light NE wind in the afternoon. Swell starts a bit on the chunky side at 2.3m but will flatten out during the day. Sunday a cross onshore NNE wind blows early bells putting an East bump on the sea being lighter in the South and stronger in the North giving way to moderate NE wind in the arvo. Swell has less punch than Saturday at 2m but will get messy as the sun gets past the yard arm.

Typical late winter KZN weather for us this weekend and I am going with boaties a green light for Saturday morning and coming right for shore diving around midmorning. Sunday is definitely a go for boaties and shore divers but early bird gets the worm before the NE East gets on it!

Peeps just a quick notice here. North coast beaches are closed for fishing and bathing due to more chemical spill being reported in the samples taken lately. That is all the way from Umgeni river to Sheffield in the North. No one has reported illness etc from diving that area but the sea critters especially filter feeding critters will have a high risk of containing the dangerous contaminants. Please report any fish or shellfish lying dead on the beach or shoreline.

Online report available here…

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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