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Bus GT south Coast. Bear Report 20-08-2021

BUS GT: Liam Mullaney with a bus 47kg GT boat dive South

Bus GT south Coast. Bear Report 20-08-2021

Hi peeps and welcome to the Bear’s weekend dive report brought to you by and

This week’s diving was definitely below average conditions wise with the August winds and moving into spring equinox when the sea conditions can change unexpectedly. There are some great Garrick coming out North coast with the Snoek and one or two Daga salmon came out on the South Coast. Diver Liam Mullaney managed to bag himself the bus GT of a lifetime in 24m on a boat dive down South. At 47kg it is the biggest I have seen local in quite a while!

Please be aware that DAFF (Department Fisheries and Forestry) have issued another warning about the chemical spill on the North coast to not harvest and eat Marine life from Umgeni to Salt Rock. They have also warned that swimming in the sea at beaches adjacent to the Umhlanga estuary can lead to personal harm.

In the fish pic’s this week we have Liam Mullaney with a bus 47kg GT boat dive South, Martin De Jager with a decent Garrick shore dive North, Master Joe Mulder with a beaut 35.8kg Daga salmon shore dive South, Master Louis Schourie with a Couta shore dive North, Master Richardt Botes with a lovely brace of Garrick shore dive North and Tanya Nadauld with a slab Tassel fish shore dive South.

Saturday a light N wind blows till lunchtime when it swings around to a light NE wind lighter in the South and fresher in the North. Average winter swell of 2m greets us in the morning mellowing slightly throughout the day coming from the South at a 13 second period. Sunday a SW blow from Saturday night is still on the sea till mid morning when it puffs itself out to leave glassy conditions in the late afternoon. Swell greets us mushed up with power from the SW blow at 2.5 to 3m mellowing to 2m in the afternoon.

So Saturday is go day weather wise for a dive if you can find viz and towards high tide should be the best bet there. Sunday is a blow out till later in the day if the prediction holds true.

Online video available here…

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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