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Big Garrick and Brusher. Bear Report 03-09-2021

Big garrick: Zander with his PB Garrick 13.18kg shore dive North

Big Garrick and Brusher. Bear Report 03-09-2021

Hi peeps and welcome to the Bear’s weekend dive report brought to you by and

This past week has had below average diving conditions with only two or three days being diveable in between the August winds blowing and some larger swell left over from winter. There are some bigger Garrick around on the backline with the Brusher starting to make an appearance in the Durban area. The NE wind pumped the last two days turning the sea into a big washing machine but the good news is the SW wind arrived early this arvo (Friday) and is blowing now as I write this.

In the fish pic’s this week we have Devesh Debipersadh with a great brace of Garrick shore dive South, Keaton with his 1st Brusher 5.16kg shore dive Durban and Zander with his PB Garrick 13.18kg shore dive North.

Saturday morning the SW wind continues to blow dropping off just after midmorning switching to a light NE wind in the arvo. The swell starts chunky early bells at 2m plus but settles by lunchtime to 1.7m. Sunday morning early bells the light NE starts to drop off and switches around to a light to moderate SW wind just after lunchtime. Swell is slightly bigger in the South at 1.8m than North at 1.5m with not much power at 8 seconds from the East.

So it’s quite hard to predict the SW accurately at the moment which means I am not too sure on what the dive conditions will be like on Saturday and there may be a gap in the afternoon. Sunday morning is definitely green for GO dive wise depending on where it cleans up first after the SW on Saturday.

Online report available here…

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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