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South Africa to the CMAS World Spearfishing Champs Arbatax Sardinia 2021

South African Worlds Springbok team on the stage at the opening ceremony in Sardinia

CMAS Spearfishing World Championship

Sardinia Arbatax 17th to the 19th September 2021

As many of us spearo’s know there is about to be a who’s who showdown when it comes to Master level competitive spearfishing. South Africa has a great team consisting of Master Jaco Blignaught, Master Don Solomon (1st Worlds) and Master Gerhaad Vosloo (1st Worlds) with team Captain Veteran Master Angelo Spada.

Arabatax is a port town on the east side of the Island of Sardinia in the Tyrrhenian Sea (39.936166, 9.702712) and is the Italians home ground. The viz is normally very good with most Mediterranean fish species occurring in the area. Sea temperature varies but at the moment it can be up to 26 deg c on the surface and down to 16 deg c on the floor at depth and air temp up to 36deg c!. The depths that the guy’s will be diving is insane in any divers books with the shallowest spot in Dive zone A being 23m out to 70m! Master Don said to me that the shallowest he has dived so far during scouting is 40m! Let that sink in…

Here is a link to a best of Sardinia shot in 2016 and it gives a great idea of the species found there and types of structure and drop offs around the Island showcased in a highlight reel…

So as you can imagine our lads are at a bit of a disadvantage as far as it comes to local knowledge of the dive area and finding the fish. So in order to be competitive Master Jaco and Master Don headed out for scouting at Arbabtax over a month ago. It is absolutely insane the hours and money that goes into competing at one of these events and that’s just the boat hire and daily fuel costs etc for the scouting. Never mind the flights and accommodation plus time off work. To say it is over half a Bar (R500000) is not an exaggeration at all. The one team has 12 (twelve) scouting boats!

As we know these lads do not get a Springbok fee like our Rugby lads do …hmmmm maybe one day in the future! So bux is tight and obviously any help would be appreciated by the Team. The guys have a raffle ticket page with all sorts of great prizes to be Won Please see details in the flyer I have included. There is also a whatsapp group you can Join for a nominal fee that has all the inside info from the guys in Sardinia and Q an A sessions as well.

Gooooo Bokke!

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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