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OG Diver Daga Salmon. Bear Report 10-09-2021

OG Diver Daga Salmon. Bear Report 10-09-2021

Hi peeps and welcome to the Bear’s weekend dive report brought to you by and

This week we got our 1st spring rains and there was some damage river water wise but not as bad as originally suspected with some heavy downpours on the North and South coast. Bad news is there is a buster NE blowing right now as I write this! These rains normally herald the start of the Brusher run and one or two shoal size Brusher have been coming out. Some good catches of Garrick with sporadic Snoek action here and there when you hit a luck and they are feeding. There are still loads of Sardines around and this is messing with the inshore game fish action at the moment.

In the fish pic’s this week we have Bruce Jackson with a 25kg Daga Salmon shore dive South, Chase Mair with his 1st Daga salmon and Seapike boat dive Durban, Clinton Stiglingh with a Brusher boat dive Durban, Connie Hallowell with a fat Garrick shore dive South, Dane Chittock and Devesh Debipersadh with lovely brace’s of Garrick boat dive Durban, Elton with a 9.9kg Garrick shore dive South and Kurt Bunge with a beauty of a Splitpaint Parrot boat dive South.

Saturday the NE continues to blow from Friday night picking up speed as the day goes on with a proper 2.6m East swell on the water turning it to mush. Sunday a light NE still blows early bells switching to a light SE wind late in the day. Swell starts at 2.7m and drops off to just over 2m in the afternoon.

So peeps diving wise this weekend is just for those hardcore individuals who like diving in a washing machine. No word of lie it will be horrible. Meh!

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As Always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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