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Couta are here Bear Report 26-11-2021

Master Gavin Nell with a lovely Couta boat dive South

Couta are here Bear Report 26-11-2021

Hi peeps and welcome to the Bear’s weekend dive report brought to you by and

Well conditions were great on the weekend and then in went pear shaped after the NE wind cranked up Sunday arvo and not much happening the rest of the week. I dropped a potential SA record Cock grunter at Umko on Sunday and what a sight to behold as a huge shoal pulled in. I have never seen Cock grunter outside of Zululand in the North and feel a little bleak but upon looking at the footage it became apparent that the spear glanced off the gill plate! A sharp spear goes a long way…its sharp now I tell you! There have been Snoek in the North Couta South and the usual Daga salmon and Garrick still around but mostly on the South coast with North being a little dead at the moment.

In the fish pic’s this week we have Allan Potter with a Garrick shore dive South, Christo, Reece and Zander with Snoek boat dive far North, Diver unkown with a Wahoo pair boat dive South, Dyla Koekemoer and Master Jason Heyne with decent Grunter shore dive South, James Purcell with a Snoek boat dive far North, Lawrence Balcolm and Master Craig Heslop with tank Eelskin boat dive down South, Master Gavin Nell with a lovely Couta boat dive South, Master Louis Schourie with a decent 15kg Daga shore dive Durban, Master Richardt Botes with a slab Snoek boat dive far North, Nicholas Chislet witha a 5.8kg gutted Garrick shore dive Durban, Noah MW scholar group with a 3.2kg Splitpaint Parrot shore dive Durban, Rudie with his 1st Tail 14.7kg boat dive South and Troy Ellof with a boss Grunter and Stumpie combo shore dive Durban.

Saturday the NE wind blows from early bells and picks up speed well before lunchtime and it will be howling by mid evening. Swell starts at 1.4m from the South and by mid arvo is 1.8m mush from the North. Sunday the NE wind continues through from Saturday night and blows right throughout the day. Swell is around 2.7m from the North for most of the day.

So Saturday morning there may be a gap for a quick shore dive or boat and Sunday is a total blowout some viz has been reported middle South coast.

Online video available here…

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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