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Snoek and Couta Bear Report 03-12-2021

Snoek and Couta Bear Report 03-12-2021

Hi peeps and welcome to the Bear’s weekend dive report brought to you by and

Oh man but did the conditions improve from last week! I had some hard luck stories from this week as well as another Master but I won’t bore you with the details! Summer fish are here! Yay! Snoek around in the shallows and some Couta out deep up North coast to upper South coast. Dorado as well out deep! Brusher, Spotted Grunter and Garrick on the backline and in the surf zone most of the coastline. Whoop whoop!

In the fish pic’s this week we have Daanie Cilliers with a decent 68cm Shad shore dive North, Elton with a decent 12kg Garrick shore dive South, Glen Van Nooten witha a decent Tomato rockcod and an Amber boat dive Durban, Heath MW scholar group with his 1st Brusher 3.65kg shore dive Durban, Heath MW scholar group with his 1st Grunter 3.1kg shore dive Durban, Johnathan Matthews with decent brace of Couta boat dive North, Jono Geyer with a Garrick and decent Yellowbelly shore dive South, Keanu and Gordan with two Garrick and a Bronzie shore dive North, Luke with a decent Grunter shore dive North, Master Louis Schourie with a bomber Snoek shore dive North, Quinten van Heerden with a lovely brace of Garrick shore dive South, Renier Kruger with a Garrick shore dive South and Zander with a bomber Snoek and tank Spadie shore dive North.

Saturday a light NE wind starts up early bells and blows through to midmorning when it switches around to a light SW wind switching late afternoon to a light to moderate SW wind. Swell runs at 1.8m 10 seconds from the South and stays that way dropping slightly towards the arvo. Sunday a light offshore wind blows early bells switching to a moderate NE around lunchtime which picks up steam towards late arvo. Swell comes in with power early bells at 1.8m 17 seconds from the South and picks up to 2,2m by late arvo driven by the NE wind.

So Saturday looking boss for the boaties and brave shore divers. Sunday meh to shore diving and yes to boaties early bells!

Online video available here…

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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