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Bear weekend dive report KZN Sardine run 2023-06-23

Bear weekend dive report KZN Sardine run 2023-06-23

Hi peeps and welcome to the Bear’s weekend dive report brought to you by and

This last week has been tough for spearos due to large swell up and down the coast not to mention finding viz has been rather difficult. With the Sardines around there should be plenty big pelagics like Wahoo, Couta and Cobia out deeper with big rockcod and Daga salmon moving into the shallows to feed on Sardines.

When I was up North of Tinley manor last weekend two Daga salmon came out around the 15Kg mark in the shallows. If they that far north already there should be plenty around further south! Snoek were filing middle of the week in the Ballito area and Westbrook to Zinkwazi had croc Couta action with one or two Wahoo coming out off the fishing skis.

There’s a NE of about 15knt blowing this afternoon (Friday) with Boss weather Saturday and Sunday with the swell dropping off from its current size of 2.45m at 12 seconds from the south. Saturday arvo and Sunday whole day looks best this weekend for a dive. Viz was reported middle south coast today of around 6m.

Sardines are being pulled on a daily basis on the South coast with sardines being netted today as well. Please bear in mind that there are heaps of Jonnies(sharks) with most of the sardine shoals atm so it’s best to get in before or just after a shoal has moved in!

Happy school holidays to all the youngsters! Go and check out the sardine netting its great entertainment for the whole family!

Online report on youtube here…

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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