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Kingfish and Couta. Bear dive Report 16-04-2021

Kingfish and couta: Ashley Paul with a decent Blacktip Kingfish shoredive South

Hi peeps and welcome to the Bears weekend dive report brought to you by and

It has been an absolutely sublime week with stunning April diving conditions up and down the coast! But all good things must come to an end and a huge cold front has pulled in with a proper SW wind blowing bringing size 5/6m swell thrashing the sea into a proper washing machine!

There were shoals of smaller Snoek, Couta and Kingfish around and some decent fish did come out.


We have Ashley Paul with a decent Blacktip Kingfish shoredive South, Ashley Paul with an Amber boat dive Durban, Brett with a Blacktip Kingfish shore dive North, Clinton with a lovely brace of Harry hotlips boat dive Durban, Connie Halowell with his 1st Indian mirror fish shore dive South, Duan De Villiers with a decent Fulvie boat dive South, Hennie with a decent GT boat dive South, Hennie with a size Blacktip Kingfish boat dive South, Kurt Bunge with a Snoek shore dive South, Master Don Solomon with a lovely 19kg Couta and 5kg Rock salmon boat dive South and Master Richardt Botes with a Snoek and Couta combo shore dive South.

So the cold front from today (Friday) is going to leave us with a 3m swell on Saturday with a light offshore blowing early switching around to a NE wind just after mid morning and picking up speed throughout the rest of the day. Swell is bigger in the South and smaller in the North. The NE puffs through the night and into Sunday morning picking up speed after mid morning and only quitting in the evening. Swell averages just over 2m up and down the coast on Sunday.

Well that will put paid to any shore diving this weekend besides Durban beachfront area. A Boat dive off Durban could be a go tomorrow morning and maybe a launch for Protea or Aliwal on Sunday if the North East wind does not kill the conditions.

Online report here…

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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