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Green water Couta. Bear Report 03-06-2021

Hi peeps and welcome to the Bear’s weekend dive report brought to you buy and .

Well it has been a bit of a slow week with a big cold upwelling after the NE wind on Sunday bringing algae and colder water inshore which has pretty much hung around all week killing the viz. The swell also got a bit large down south the last couple of days. Some Mackerel are around up North in the green and one or two decent Couta came out with sporadic Snoek action thrown in as well. Garrick are around and word is some decent winter fish are being caught lower South coast (Rumours…Ja nee). Sardines are around but there have been no big showings with bust ups this week as far as I know of.

In the fish pictures this week we have Brett with Snoek and a decent Couta shore dive North, Clive Honiball with a shark wrestled Snoek shore dive North, Connie Hallowell with a Garrick boat dive South and Master Louis Schorie with a fat winter Garrick shore dive Durban.

Saturday we have peachy Durban winter weather with a light NW early bells switching to a light NE wind in the arvo. Swell wise Durban and North there of the swell will be manageable at 2m or less from the South and down South will be a bit bigger at 2.2 to 2.4m in places. Sunday a cold front comes up from the Cape bringing a moderate SW wind early bells with some extra size in the swell up to 2.7 to 3m later in the day.

So frustrating trying to find decent viz at the moment but Saturday is the go day (gonna glass off one way!) with Sunday afternoon maybe looking good on the predictions but my feeling is Sunday morning early bells rather than afternoon.

Online report available here…

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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