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Perfect KZN North Coast GARRICK(Lichea amia) dive.

Perfect KZN North Coast GARRICK (Lichea amia) dive.

Hi peeps and welcome to another video by Master Watermen this time with the Bear in action using a carbon cuttlefish 80cm roller gun. 80cm??? Say what??? Yes I have been using this gun for just close to a year now and it has proven to be very accurate and powerful despite its size!

This dive took place last year (2021) just after my first and only bout of the dreaded COVID. Just a word here on diving (basically any cardio sport) straight after having COVID! Please take it easy as it affects one’s fitness quite a bit. I felt that my diving fitness had dropped to about 30 percent of what it was just before the dreaded Rona attacked. Being in the water out to sea means that calling for a medic to attend is in most cases out of the question and the last thing we need is another diver death in our Spearo community. Take it easy keeping shallow and avoiding big surf swims and make sure your dive buddies keep an eye on you for at least a week or two after having COVID!!!

Having a short gun is ideal for shooting fast moving fish in and around the surf zone as they are quicker to turn to get a shot in. I have always used single band 115cm standard rail guns for Garrick and this 80cm roller beats that rig hands down with range and power! Converted to say the least! Only drawback I find is the amount of time to load up after taking a shot compared to a straight rig with no reel. The main plus I have noticed is that your gun tip is way closer to your body when hunting fish and therefore you can get closer to the fish being hunted as you will see in the video!

Here’s the link to the YouTube video…

Hopefully this crystal water filled with fish video will help inspire all of us dry KZN Spearo’s to believe that yes these conditions did exist pre floods! Yes the water will clear up soon and the sardines will arrive with loads of gamefish hunting them! There is hope!!!!

At least there is something to look forward to this July when the Spearo Garrick/Snoek compo is on for the whole month! Loads of great prizes and some lucky draws too even if you do not win! Details in the two flyers I have put below.

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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