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Bus Couta coldest week. Bear Report 23-07-2021

Bus Couta: Master Joe Mulder with a whopping 31.5kg Couta boat dive South

Well the week started out well with the sea settling and some slab Couta coming out with big shoals of Snoek and Garrick in the shallows. The winter fish are starting to move North up the coast in numbers and the Daga salmon, Geelbek and Cape tail are here in numbers. Unfortunately a serious winter cold front has pulled in and has frothed the sea properly with some fresh SW wind and large swell.

In the fish pic’s this week we have Andrew and Grant with Snoek shore dive North, Duan, Hennie and Rudi with Couta boatdive South, Ella and Max Bunge with Shad and a Tassel shore dive South, Master Carl Wernerm, Johan Boshoff and Master Joe Mulder with Couta boat dive South, Master Don Solomon with a Daga salmon boat dive South, Master Don Solomon with a lovely Cape yellowtail boat dive South, Master Joe Mulder with a whopping 31.5kg Couta boat dive South, Master Juggs Holzman with a 13.5kg Garrick shore dive Durban, Master Juggs Holzman with a decent Bek and Catface rockcod ski dive Durban, Matthew with Snoek and Garrick shore dive North, Ricky Nieuwenhuis PB 10.1kg Garrick shore dive Durban, Robin Seiler with a Daga salmon boat dive far North and Robin Seiler with a slab Eelskin rockod boat dive far North.

Saturday early bells a moderate WSW wind blows till midmorning swinging around to a light SE wind later in the afternoon with a 3.5m swell which drops off to 2.3m late in the day. Sunday morning a light NW offshore wind blows till midmorning switching around to a moderate NE wind in the afternoon with the swell running at 2.2m.

So it looks like Sunday morning is good for a dive “if” the swell prediction is correct. The online weather prediction sites have been a bit out on swell prediction the last two weeks!

Online report available here…

As always Dive Safe and Straight Spears from the Bear…

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Turtle vs Octopus

Turtle vs Octopus by the Master Watermen

Turtle vs Octopus

“Right, to kick off the blog section of the newly invented Master Watermen website, we have some literally unbelievable adventuring by Jason and Paul, way down deep. With a turtle and an octopus. Yes. It’s not even a joke. And there is video! Unfrigginbelievable I tell ya” – Xonalanga

Some people believe Spearfishing is just killing fish etc…but those of us at know that it is a way more than sustainable harvesting of the Ocean.

Master spearos (spearfisherpeople) are always good ambassadors and protectors of the Ocean and its creatures, we are the eyes under the surface and as such can see what condition or state the Ocean is in where we dive. I have seen how Marine animals can ask for help 1st hand whilst diving and 2nd hand via YouTube over the years and in this episode we get to see this phenomenon on a lovely dive I had with a Dive buddy (Paul) on the North Coast of KZN South Africa last year.

Loggerhead Turtle, Bottle-nose Dolphins and a Giant Manta ray all in one epic dive! The largest of all hard shelled turtles, Loggerheads are named for their massive heads and powerful jaws (leatherbacks are bigger but have soft shells). Their shell, is heart-shaped and normally a rusty brown colour. Their front flippers propel them through the water like wings, and their hind feet stabilize and steer them.

A female Loggerhead turtle always returns to the same beach she was born on after sometimes travelling thousands of km to return and lay her eggs and they nest on the beaches in Northern KZN South Africa and Mozambique at night here in the Indian Ocean and at one stage our local population was believed to be below 300 individuals. They have recovered quite well though and I see quite a few of them around on my dives here on the KZN coastline.

This male Loggerhead Turtle came to ask a favour at the end of the three and a half hour dive! He had taken a big Octopus for dinner and it became entangled around his neck! Watch as Paul and I see how we can help Mr Turtle get untangled from his dinner! TURTLE POWER! As always dive safe and straight spears from the Bear…

“Well if I can comment – YOWSER!!!

Man-oh-man Jason this is epic. And is that Paul Roxburgh in there with you?

But ok, a great attempt at convincing the public that spearos are not cold-blooded killers all the time. Only 99% of the time!

But after a chuckle, sure, agreed on every aspect, especially since the sheer amount of hours spent out there on a limb, adds up to a lot of kudos. Which means you can keep at it I suppose?

Well, between this story and Stompie, I am just pleasantly pondering at what might come next!?”


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